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At DGOperations we offer expert services oriented to simplify the logistics of your hazardous materials. These services include:

Packaging and Repackaging

The packaging is another core focus of international regulations. Dangerous goods are to be packaged in such a way that the items are secured in their containers to prevent exposure to humans or other cargo during transportation. The containers must be watertight and, in some cases, airtight. The nature of the items determines the kind of packaging to be used.

At DGOperations we make it easy for you, contact us and we go to your warehouse.


For starters, the shipping of hazardous items without proper documentation can lead to severe sanctions from the authorities in the form of heavy fines, cargo seizures, or in worst cases, prosecution. Due to the sensitive nature of these items and how they can impact human life and the environment, governments the world over operate very strict regulations.

At DGOperations we guarantee you a smooth and painless process. We handle the necessary paperwork and ensure that your items are delivered to you in good condition.

Labeling and Box marking

All Dangerous goods items must carry bold and clear labels indicating their properties. The labels must be placed at a visible position on the bag or carton of whatever covering is used in such a way that they can be seen.

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